As I was a bit overwhelmed by the many emails and reactions on the blog and social media I received on my permanent hair removal blogpost, I decided to focus on smooth bare skin for a few weeks and share with you my thoughts on several different hair removing (home) tools and treatments. In a few weeks I'll give you an update on my second Nd YAG 1064 nm session at the Antwerp based Carpe Clinic but in the mean time I used my thighs to try out the new Calor Soft Extreme EP7530 epilator. 

I had my first permanent hair removal session on my legs a few weeks ago and since I already noticed some surprising reduction suddenly every inch of shaving started bothering me. So I threw out all my razors and started trying out an IPL home hair removal device for my underarms - review online within a few weeks cause it takes a few sessions before I can give you an honest opinion - and the Calor Soft Extreme EP7530 epilator for my thighs. 

The Calor Soft Extreme EP8710 epilator got me all intrigued with its calming airflow and vibrating bar to kick off a new era of anti-pain technology. Now of course I was still sceptic - and scared; hair removing pains do scare me a lot - but I was too intrigued not to give this one a closer look. As I told you before epilators are everything but my best friends. I don't think it's because of an exceptional low pain threshold or anything but more cause I am not that lucky when it comes to my hair type, the amount of my hairs and my skin sensitivity. Yep, I'm stuck with the full package: many and many stubborn hairs and a very sensitive skin. So, in one way I believe I might just be your (wo)man to review an epilator; if I tell you there was no torture included chances are high you won't even feel an itch. Calor has put five years of research in this one and when you start removing your first hairs with the Calor Soft Extreme you will most certainly notice why. Their study on the pain messages sent from the skin to the brain resulted in the so called Soft Sensation Technology which reduces the pain and distracts you from it. In my case it wasn't a casual  walk in the park but in comparison with other epilators I used before the pain was clearly lessened and I could endure it for almost an entire thigh. And the best part: I enjoyed smooth legs for almost ten days! 

Oh, and I'm over the top madly in love with the scent of the new Calvin Klein REVEAL fragrance. Their sensual body lotion is the cherry on the cake for silky sexy bare legs! 

The Calor Soft Extreme EP7530 is available for 69 euros

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