The bare legs season has arrived and I'm getting my legs more than ready! Yup, I have jumped on the laser hair removal wagon for silky smooth and beautifully bare skin. 

Exactly three weeks ago I visited the Carpe Clinic in Antwerp where they helped me on my way to pull off amazing bare legs all summer and longer… I had my first permanent hair removal session and although my impatience would love to tell you about amazing hair loss only after a single treatment, those who are eager on instant results will be a bit disappointed. A bit I say, cause with the many stories  about IPL on my mind I didn't expect for anything to happen before my third appointment. Now, that was because I didn't know the treatment Carpe Clinic offers is completely different from anything IPL; only three weeks after my first appointment I notice certain areas on my legs where my hair is falling out and other parts where it is growing back surprisingly less thick and stubborn.

The big difference? I enjoyed their newest Nd YAG 1064 nm medical hair removal, a very innovative laser unique in Belgium. With a powerful 1064 nanometer wavelength (read: deeper penetration of the laser light) it is able to reach the deepest roots safely, even on tanned, dark and black skin photo types. An advanced contact cooling system guarantees extra safety and comfort for darkly pigmented skin types - I didn't feel a thing, not even an itch. And as they use the biggest scanner on the market right now they can remove 42 square centimeters of hair at once. In less than fifteen minutes the job was done.

In three weeks I will have my second Nd YAG 1064 nm session and as I am already observing hair reduction right now I am more than excited to keep you updated on how my treatment will continue. Every session should result in up to 20% hair reduction and Carpe Clinic advices light to medium skin photo types an average of four sessions for visible results. Crossed fingers the days of time consuming shaving and ingrown hairs are almost over!

More info on this new Nd YAG 1064 nm medical hair removal on the Carpe Clinic website

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