There's a bit of a heatwave going on over here in Belgium. Unfortunately I'm not one of the lucky few who can get in their cars and drive to the seaside on the hottest days of the year. Work has to be done... And although  I too find it quite a challenge I have gathered my nine essential steps to surviving the heat wave and stay cool.

1. Invest in air circulation
Ever since I've welcomed the Dyson Pure Cool Link Purifier the heat never becomes unbearable. Its cooling ability not only helps me cool down at the office on hot summer days like these but its innovative purifier also cleans up the air in our home throughout the rest of the year. Major fan of this fan!
Dyson Pure Cool Link Purifier

2.Wear lightweight natural clothes
Stay away from synthetic fibers and dark colors as they attract heat. The best way to cope with hot weather is by going for natural fibers such as cotton or linen in light colors - they will allow you to breath.
Three Graces London dress

3. Protect your eyes
When going outdoors you will never not find me with a pair of sunglasses on my nose. Not only because I consider them the ultimate finishing touch to any outfit, but also because I believe protecting your eyes is at least as vital as protecting your skin.
Gucci cat eye sunglasses

4. Replace your foundation 
As much as I am emphasizing the importance of pampering your skin on a daily basis, warm temperatures simply don't go together with layers of serum, moisturizer and foundation. It makes my skin look greesy and by noon I feel like everything is just slipping of my face. On the hottest days of the year I am turning to nothing more than a tinted moisturizer. I have found my holy grail in the Solar Defense Broad Spectrum by HydroPeptide, offering a flawless coverage while keeping my skin protected from sun damage.
HydroPeptide Solar Defense SPF30

5. Always carry a bottle of water with you
Make sure to always carry a bottle filled with cold water with you. For refreshing sips throughout he day I prefer my Brita Fill&Go filter bottle, providing me with fresh tasting water in a sec.
Brita Fill&Go

6. Wear a hat
For sun protection and because it makes you look so super ├╝ber cool, rock a hat. It is the ultimate summer accessory!
Eugenia Kim straw fedora hat

7. Drink coconut water 
Stay away from drinks that are high in caffeine or sugar as they increase your metabolic heat. In order to prevent dehydration I have one ultimate weapon; coconut water. It is the most refreshing and energizing drink I've ever came across and for the last three years not a day has gone by without my cold glass of coconut water in the morning.
Vita Coco 100% pure coconut water

8. Fix your face
Melting make-up is the worst! After applying my HydroPeptide Solar Defense I put on a subtle dose of bronzer and blush and prep it with a setting spray. Caudalie's Beauty Elixir is one of my favorites because of its cooling and smoothing effect on the skin.
Jason Wu for Caudalie Beauty Elixir

9. Slip into leather slides
Choose natural fibers for your tops, skirts and dresses. Same goes for the shoes. For surviving a heatwave in style I am craving these timeless leather slides by ATP Atelier. Definitely worth the splurge.

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