The heatwave is still passing through Belgium. And while I would LOVE to enjoy a dip into a fresh pool as we speak, I will unfortunately be forced to go out for meetings all day. Luckily it's the little things in life that make getting through your day so much easier. Fresh juices are one of them. And as  I mentioned staying away from drinks high in sugar or cafe├»ne as one of my main key steps to surviving heat waves (check all of them HERE), you can find me squeezing oranges all day long now.

My current favorite juice is a straight shot of four oranges, one banana, one mango and a couple of strawberries, resulting in the most delish refreshing drink. With a rather busy schedule ahead I'm popping everything in my super easy Breville Blend Active Pro blender which came with a portable bottle with a special drinking cap  and a neopreen sleeve for carrying cold freshly blended juices with you all day. Just Blend & Go!

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