Well needed during those cold and dark months of winter; some extra moisturizing to freshen up my dehydrated and tensed skin. So I decided to give the very promising Babor Ultrasonic Skin Activator a try. It is a skin activator which offers both cleansing and micro-massaging with ultrasound. And I'm all about it!

I've been using this miracle worker for four weeks now and in combination with my laser treatments at Carpe Clinic and a very effective Cryo Lift therapy at Thermae Grimbergen I have finally welcomed visible refreshed and nourished skin.

Although I'm still very much into my Clarisonic I do consider this Babor device to provide a whole new level of cleansing. The so called ionic deep cleansing goes with a unique cleansing gel which cleanses the skin deep down while gliding the transducer smoothly over your face. It somehow works like a magnet opening up pores, attracting all the tiniest dirt and forcing it out of your pores. You apply it on clean (!) skin and work your way upwards for 2.5 minutes until the signal tone sounds. Then you repeat the process on the other half of your face and remove the excess gel with water. It already leaves a fresh, clean and rosy appearance on your face. Next step you apply the hyaluronic ultrasound gel and choose the ultrasound function on your device. Now you move the transducer over your entire face - you notice it is micro-massaging your skin much deeper than whatever would be able to do with your hands - and treat it the exact same way, again until the signal tone sounds. It visibly encloses and thigh tens your pores and reduces to appearance of wrinkles and lines. To work on wrinkles and lines more effectively you gently draw them apart with your fingers and move the device slowly left to right.

Soothed and nourished skin
After four weeks of using the Babor Ultrasonic Skin Activator I can honestly tell my skin looks soothed, purified, relaxed, nourished, plumped and even more glowing. I guess that has much to do with your skin being much more able to deeply absorb your usual moisturizers. The Babor transducer activates and stimulates your skin cells which facilitates hydration

For optimum results Babor recommends using the device every evening (or morning) for at least four weeks. Afterwards it would be ideal to treat your skin with it every third day, to maintain the results. "Every day for a total of ten minutes. Quite time-consuming!" I hear ya! But just like I started walking around the house with my power toothbrush by day three you'll notice that once you know the process you'll be quickly taking care of all sorts of tasks while cleansing your face. Or you can watch tv for the recommended ten minutes…

All skin types
Unlike my Clarisonic, which I keep using to remove my make-up at night, I consider this skin activator by Babor a home spa treatment to give my skin that extra dose of pampering. Now, if you have followed my skincare journey, I have had quite some issues with my skin as last year I suddenly had to start dealing with acne flare-ups while I still had to treat it as gentle as possible since I've already reached thirty and didn't want to worsen any wrinkles and lines. Luckily Babor products are known for their mild action and good skin tolerance thanks to dermological tests. The skin activator benefits all skin types and its gels are very friendly for as well the dry ones as the ones prone to irritating. I even notice less blackheads and breakouts ever since I added this treatment to my daily routine. So nope, no downsides to mention over here.

Don't tell me I haven't warned you. This Babor device is strangely addictive and will add ten minutes to your bathroom routine on a daily basis.

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