With a newborn in your life a good night sleep suddenly becomes a luxury. Little baby C does not keep us up all night; he almost sleeps through the night and if he wakes somewhere between 6 and 7 in the morning, he goes back to sleep very easily. No need to calm him or help him settle in at all. But although we are blessed with a baby as sweet as can be, we cannot ignore our current fatigue resulting in many and many yawns during the day. Having a newborn in your bedroom apparently means you no longer go into the state of deep sleep that easily any more. I find myself being awoken by the slightest sound he makes. Pregnancy glow is a myth!

And so I was all ears when invited by Emma Matras to discover their 'Beste Van de Test' (Best of the test) award winning mattress. I believe preparing for a good night sleep does not only involve avoiding caffeine and fat meals followed by a hot bath and some breathing exercices. These last few months I have been trying hard to get rid of a few of my bad habits. One of them was using social to wind down; a pretty unhealthy way to finish my day. Equally important for achieving better sleep is your sleep environment. For maximum improvement of our sleep quality, I decided to say goodbye to bad habits on one hand and create more comfort and satisfaction with a new mattress on the other hand.

The Emma mattress is a rolled and vacuum packed mattress that consists of different foams and microcoils, responsive poly foam, memory foam and support foam. It promises more support and comfort which equals no more stiffness, aches or pain in the morning and during the day. They have already created quite a solid repuation and must be confident people will like them cause they offer everyone a 100 days trial period for free. From our experience ever since the Emma mattress arrived we have welcomed far better nights. Not only thanks to its excellent balanced level of sinkage but also its impressive level of bounce for a foam mattress. It adapted to my weight quite easily and still provided enough pressure and support, which allowed us to not disturb each other when we wake up to feed baby C. On top of that it is also ultra breathable for a cool sleeping surface (quite welcome when you're dealing with postparum night sweats in the first weeks after delivery)

The Emma mattress is definitely more than worth the splurge. As you spend one third of your time in bed I guess a great nap is one of the best investments to make.

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