After a month of absence on the blog - I guess you've all met our beautiful son Christian via Instagram by now - I'm back behind my desk. And with it the exciting prospect of new products to try and test.

As I think many people still dismiss the importance of oral hygiene, I wanted to emphasize once more how I am convinced healthy teeth require an electric toothbrush. I have switched to an electric toothbrush myself over five years ago and have honestly never understood why I didn't throw my regular manual toothbrush away years before. Combining an electric toothbrush with the right technique is even in the hardest to reach areas much more effective without any damage being done and helps you reach the recommended two minutes cleaning twice a day very easily.

Recently I have welcomed the Philips Sonicare DiamondClean in our bathroom. Not only is its design the most stylish addition to our countertop -  it comes with a sleek glass holder which instantly starts charging as soon as you place your brush in it - , it also ensures up to ten times better plaque removal, seven times healthier gums in only two weeks, up to 100% more stain removal in only three days and a far more long-lasting fresh breath. These impressive results have a lot to do with the different brushing mode paired with different corresponding smart brush heads and over 60.000 brush strokes per minute.

After three weeks of putting the Philips Sonicare DiamondClean to the test I have experienced quite some exceptional cleaning and I was astounded by my cleaner healthier mouth as from the start. I am suffering from barely any plaque buildup any longer. This one truly rivals any other brush you've ever got and goes beyond traditional cleaning!

Glasses via De Wolf Opticiens
Sweater by MbyM
 photo Untitled-1_zps5xduwldt.png

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