A long skincare and make-up routine is not something I can afford in the morning. The first thing I do  every day - bad bad habit I know - is checking my emails in bed. Next I want to get up asap, enjoy the smell of fresh coffee and start replying to my unanswered emails. And as my hubby and I never go to bed early I am not willing to add an extra hour by having my alarm clock ring an hour earlier. And so throughout the years I've developed my personal 7 minutes steps to easily prep my skin and save me quite some time in the morning.

And although I consider my morning efficiency already quite impressive I'm always open to extra improvement. You can easily imagine my excitement when discovering the newest Le Petit Marseillais range. Le Petit Marseillais has recently launched its so called Express Body Sprays combining deep nourishing and ultimate convenience. It takes no more than eight seconds before the product is fully absorbed and leaves your skin soft and moisturized, with 24 hours of comfort without any greasy layers.

I've already mentioned my undying love for Le Petit Marseillais before. The brand is all about pampering yourselves every day and has not only grown to be the leader of the shower segment in France, they also succeeded in creating a brand identity with well-being, simplicity, authenticity and sensuality being key. Me myself jumped on board years ago and have come to a point where I could not imagine a day without Le Petit Marseillais on my bathroom shelf. Needless to say the new Express Body Sprays collection has immediately deserved prime position in my skincare routine as well. It contains three different variations and between the Body Spray Express Moisturization with Argan Oil & Orange Blossom, Body Spray Express Moisturization with Shea Butter & Sweet Almond and Body Spray Express Moisturization with Rose Petal Floral Water the last one with petal floral water is my ultimate favorite. I'm applying it ankles to toes in the morning and when in need of extra confidence with an extra glow I'm adding a layer on top before leaving the house as well. The fact that your skin just drinks it makes it so quick and easy to use. I most definitely recommend giving them a try for guaranteed morning crisis avoiding. So quick and easy they will change your entire routine.

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