As much as I am a monochrome lover when it comes to my wardrobe, together with my dear friend Jasmin I have been embracing the colorful eclectic style since forever. We've been having an endless love affair with unique home decor as far as we can remember. And after having successfully decorated me and my husbands wedding together (take another look at it right here), Jasmin and I received so many requests on our event decorating services, we decided to follow our hearts, try something new and do what we love. Less than a year later we launched our own interior & decorating services as Jasmin & Valerie, also JV Styling, offering our very personal methodical mismatching following no design rules whatsoever.

Rather than teaming sleek design and simple color palettes we choose to play up vintage with contemporary, curved with straight and stained with glamorous. Rather than feeling the urge to match items we prefer mixing different elements from a variety of periods. Our design philosophy is that stylish and unique home decor cannot be ordered from a catalog. A home should say everything about you and express your own personal story. A mixture of old collected decoration, timeless furniture, functional items and new comfortable elements has to reflect the people living in it from the very first moment you enter. Unfortunately a home filled with warmth and personality often takes a great deal of creativity, thought and effort. Especially the eclectic style can be quite challenging to accomplish.

If someone's suffering from ending up with nothing but chaos when throwing all their little bits of this and that together, we might just have the answer to tie all of the elements together for a highly individual yet coördinating and harmonious result. Using a multitude of unconventional colors, vibrant flowers, exceptional greenery, textural fabrics and vintage lighting, Jasmin and I let a space take shape itself. And although it is all about the use of contrasting materials and finishes you might just be surprised how well it blends.

If by any chance you could use some interior advice or maybe even feel the urge to transform your home, your room or your party Jasmin and I would like to invite you to visit our website here. Who knows we could have a chat and create a project that both meets your budget and interior goals. 

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