With freezing temperatures over here our skin is in need of that extra dose of pampering. Today I am sharing my ten ultimate skin savers with you. From my favorite ultra rich body cream to the best skin food, this is what I recommend for nourished and soft skin throughout an entire winter.

Two litres of water and a glass of coconut water every day
When you'll spot me on a regular working day you're very likely to see me sipping some water.  I'm a true firm believer of drinking plenty of water. Not only to keep me well-hydrated but also because a daily dose of two litres helps me fight my recurring headaches and it makes me feel fitter, leaner and healthier. And yes, the evening of my skin tone is a nice benefit as well.

Cryo Lift treatment at Thermae Grimbergen every two months
I find myself being 24:7 on the lookout for treatments making my skin look more radiant and fresh. And in search for luminous skin I have found my answers at Thermae Grimbergen. Their innovative Cryotherapy has not only improved my skintone and elasticity but has also provided me with a brand new glowing complexion. 

Babor Ultrasonic Skin Activator three days a week
Such a miracle worker! The Babor Ultrasonic Skin Activator visibly encloses and thightens your pores and reduces to appearance of wrinkles and lines. I can honestly tell it made my skin look soothed, purified, relaxed, nourished, plumped and even more glowing. I guess that has much to do with your skin being much more able to deeply absorb your usual moisturizers.

Caudalie Reservatrol serum, moisturizer and night cream, every morning and night
This new resculpting and recontouring product line by Caudalie is e-ve-ry-thing. It has my skin looking brighter and firmer than ever. It is plumped from within and thanks to its super light texture it blends perfectly and leaves your skin feeling oh so comfortable.

L'Occitane Velvet Serum every morning
Very well needed during these cold and dark months of winter; this rich and extra moisturizing velvet body serum with almond and vitamin C to freshen up my dehydrated and tensed skin. 

Avocado for lunch every other day
I admit, I am an avocado addict. Could eat them at breakfast, lunch and diner. I am adding an avocado to my lunch at least every other day. They are not only super healthy but have also proven to slow signs of ageing on your skin. I top my sandwiches, salads and even omelets with them.

Full of Good juice detox every six months
Twice a year I force myself to follow a cleanse program with the delish cold pressed juices of Full of Good. I truly notice how it helps increasing the overall health of my skin and always find my skintone much more glowing afterwards.

Biotona Skin Food raw powder sprinkled over your salads
You have to experience the powerful effect of adding Biotona's Skin Food to your daily diet yourself. All I'm saying is it works WONDERS on your skin.

Fractional laser treatment at Carpe Clinic every six months
My ultimate secret weapon for flawless skin; Carpe Clinic. A few months ago I already wrote about how impressed I was by my skin looking completely rejuvenated after just one treatment. For an excellent skin complexion I always recommend Carpe Clinic in Antwerp; there's no other place that has ever done so much for my skin.

Facial steaming at home every week
One you don't need a single penny in the piggy bank for. I try to treat my skin with a facial steaming every week. It draws out pore buildup in a much deeper way and visibly prevents breakouts. When my skin is extra stressed I add a few bags of chamomile tea to my steam bath as it is known for its healing and calming benefits.

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