There's no doubt; Paris is ALWAYS a good idea. It has been five years since Paris stole my heart for the very first time, when one of my best friends decided to change Belgium for the French capital and moved there for a while. Ever since visiting her over there Paris has my weak spot. So you can easily imagine the excitement when I received this 'Weekend in Paris' Wonderbox. - one night with breakfast in one of the 18 3-star hotels available. Yay! Exactly two weeks ago we grabbed our beloved Samsonite Firelite Spinner and headed towards the hotel of our choice, Hotel Aiglon in the heart of Montparnasse. The validation of our Wonderbox was surprisingly easy by the way; simply register your coupon on their website and you can 'pay' with it when checking in at your hotel. Ours was a true must visit. From the warmest welcome and excellent service to the stunning design of the rooms  - Missoni chairs always do the trick! - and the delicious breakfast that was offered in our room for free. I tried to capture the highlights of our Weekend in Paris in pictures. Don't hate me for the Santos Cartier that suddenly popped out of my boyfriends pocket, I can assure you that I am well aware of my blessings.

The very promising front door of our hotel, Hotel Aiglon in the heart of Montparnasse

My very reliable travel buddy, the Samsonite Firelite Spinner

Unforgettable gifts and wonderful experiences with Wonderbox

Wish I could rewind and start this lunch at Monsieur Bleu all over... 

❤️ #bestboyfriendintheworld #cartier #santos #watch

Perfect millefeuille de fraises at Hotel Costes

Jewelry stash next to my newest holy grail, the Philosophy Turbo Booster C Powder

Waiting for breakfast in the comfiest chique home wear by Pepita 

Breakfast with a view in our room

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