Alright Alexa, you did it again, convinced me in a blink of an eye.

I've been thinking of buying myself a pair of Superga sneakers for a long time now. Okay, the truth is: in my world that means a few weeks... ignoring pretty clothes, shoes and accessories is not exactly one of my qualities. And now that Alexa is the new face of Superga there is not even the smallest chance I will succeed in not ordering myself an awesome Superga twosome. Don't know how she does it but miss Alexa really pulls off every single piece of clothes. I am absolutely smitten by the way she styled these sneakers. Honestly, is there anyone still wanting me to prove how this Superga sneakers are fabulous?

With warm weather in the air I find myself constantly thinking of skirts, shorts and dresses. Staring at La Chung's pictures I think these Superga's will make the perfect spring shoes. Suddenly I feel the need to move to the South of France and rock my future Superga's at Nice, Saint-Tropez and Cannes. But first things first, I have to make some important decisions: which colour at my feet? I'm thinking lilac, red, baby blue or yellow. Love to hear your thoughts.

I'm off now, fellas. If you need me I'll be right here behind my desk browsing the enormous range of Superga sneakers at Spartoo. I will soon fill you in on which colour I ordered.

Have a fashionable weekend y'all!


  1. My best friend always wore these when we werevin highschool. They remind me of her.

    Love the new pastel colors and Alexa wears them so well
    fashion & lifestyle in Belgium

  2. beautiful colors! looks very comfortable!

  3. Ik kende het merk nog niet maar i'm loving the campaign photos! Can't go wrong with Alexa :) Zo'n paar schoentjes in een pasteltint zijn perfect voor deze lente!