With a little boy age one who loves eating all sorts of berries, being creative with fingerpaint, and only recently discovered playing in the grass, stains become a fact of life. The amount of dirty laundry was huge these last few months. And so my hunt for the ultimate miracle workers for removing stains became real.

It is only recently that I discovered  these life savers by Dr.Beckmann. Their so called Vlekkenduivel range does wonders. The fear I shared with a lot of parents, thinking most fruit stains will never wash off, is completely gone. Sure, succes still depends on the product and the fabric but those stains that used to equal mom's nightmare no longer make up for a lost cause.

Here's a quick guide to how I succeed in treating most of our stains succesfully. My first and most important rule is to always deal with it as soon as possible. Then I remove as much of the residue as possible by scraping or taking off the remnants. I then like to rinse the fabric and soak it in cool water for a few minutes up to an hour. Next comes the miracle worker; I do a sort of pretreat by sponging the spot with the Dr.Beckmann Vlekkenduivel. I let it sit for a few minutes, rub it in and then toss it in with rest of your laundry.

Some stains sure are a little more challenging than others. Grass for example leaves quite difficult stains because of the chlorofyll in it. And for greasy baby oil stains I prefer pre-treating them by putting talcum powder on it, let it sit for fifteen minutes and then scraping it off before my Vlekkenduivel routine. I am welle aware of the fact that far more and osbtinate stains will come around in the future but with the help of my new friends I am no longer afraid of fruit, paint or grass ruining his and my favorite clothes.

Dr.Beckmann is available e.g. at Kruidvat, Colruyt, Albert Heijn,...

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