We have a recently welcomed the fanciest midas touch to our kitchen. These last few weeks, when entering our living room / kitchen area there's this stunning brass Grohe faucet grabbing everyone's attention.

I'm sure a lot of you have been in the same boat when it came to picking out a faucet for your kitchen.
As most people who have built or renovated a home can attest you have to make so many choices  that by the end of your project at one point every decision you have to make seems to be one too many. Searching for the right faucet for your sink can easily turn into a neverending quest; material, thickness, proportions,... are all equally important. When we moved into our new house about three years ago, we couldn't immediately find anything that perfectly met our taste and budget. And so we settled for a temporary black one from a local hardware store...

To be honest I had been wanting to replace our old faucet for a very long time now. Cause although I'm not your most dedicated housewife we all do spend a bigger amount of time in the kitchen than in any other room of our house. And our new Grohe faucet equals an instant upgrade for our kitchen. Although I have always had a thing for eclectic mixing everything with everything vibes in interior design I also do emphasize the essence of cohesion a lot. When it comes to our interior I seem to have embraced a more minimalistic simple look lately. The Grohe Essence in the color Cool Sunrise is here to make a statement but also complements our kitchen. our entire room. On top, it is far more than just a stylish addition to our room; it is of course also a functional fixture and thanks to its Dual Spray feature it comes with a pulldown faucet with an extra handy spray wand that can be pulled down to reach every corner of the sink as well.

If your kitchen is in need of a fast makeover I'm sure this GroheEssence faucet will instantly do the trick! The Grohe Essence range is available in ten different colors and also exists for bathroom faucets, showers and accessories. Definitely worth checking them out!

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