My weak spot for eyewear has never been a secret. Glasses and sunglasses are high on top of my 'favorite accessories' list and I can't help myself being constantly on the hunt for a new pair. I have recently welcomed yet another newbie in my eyewear collection. Choosing this one I have had a little help from a professional. Last week I was invited by GrandOptical to enjoy a personal styling session at a store of choice. To many people personal styling sounds like an over the top luxury but GrandOptical believes it is almost necessary when deciding which frame is going to be on your face for the next few years, always one of the first accessories grabbing people's attention. And so they launched their free YouStyling service which you can easily book an appointment for via their website.

Last week I headed to Woluwe Shopping Center and after the warmest welcome the stylist and I had a little casual chat about my background; my job, my daily activities, any extreme sports or hobbies, my favorite colors,.. and many more. We also talked about my personal preferences; do I love bright colors, bold embelishments and weird shapes? Or do I like to keep it simple and classic? Do want to make a statement with my eyewear? Am I someone who dares to push limits when it comes to experimenting with glasses? The GrandOptical stylist is trained to focus on what she needs to hear in your answers and pays close attention to the colors and shapes that suit your face. When she has decided what will be the right pair of glasses to flatter your face she walks you through all the options but still gives you enough space to try out every frame that speaks to you. 

I ended up with two favorites I couldn't choose from. And so she showed me how one frame didn't have my eyes in the exact middle of the glasses and I immediately noticed how the other frame was brightening my face so much more. As a final we checked if the frame would match my three favorite colors that I picked a the beginning of the styling session. And so I went home with a brown pair of Prada glasses with a subtle touch of green and a super cool retro seventies vibe. Not too girly and soft yet still very feminine and elegant. 


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