Time for another home update! As promised a new home tour will follow soon. I know I am trying your patience but in the meantime I would like to share my latest interior discovery with you.

When it comes to the look and feel of our home I have noticed a similar one as the one I am going through in my closet. It is only a few seasons ago that I came to realise you could be doing so much more for your wardrobe than adding crappy highstreet accessories on repeat. Same goes for your house. You could be doing so much more for your home than adding crappy decorating accessories on repeat. Both when it comes to clothing and interior, there is so much more out there! Picking the right investments I believe unique and high quality accessoires make up for the perfect finishing touch to your outfit. And with a few good decorating accessoires your room is destined to be the fanciest it can possibly be.

For a compulisive online shopper like myself that means staying away from all picture phrames, posters and ready to hang-art I used to fill my shopping bag with to update our interior in the most wallet friendly way. In terms of interior I'm a sucker for keeping things interesting and fresh by replacing some photo frames, switching the cushions in our sofa or hanging a new mirror on our wall. Unfortunately there's not enough money in the piggy bank to have a new designer item coming in every few weeks...

Oh the excitement when being introduced to Kunst In Huis at JUTTU a few months ago! If you're anything like me and you're having troubles in finding the perfect modern - yet temporary - additions to your home, please do not stop your readings. I promise your bank account is going to thank you for this one! Have you ever heard of art lending libraries? Kunst In Huis actually works a lot like an ordinary book library. For a very little cost you can borrow the artwork of your choice, enjoy it on your wall and return it by its due date. Kunst In Huis offers a very big and versatile online catalogue (over 5000 paintings, photographs, objects and drawings from over 400 artists!) from which you can choose your favorites by using filters such as dimensions, color scheme, artist, style and pricetag. Once you have activated your own Kunst In Huis account you can make an online reservation and have your desired artwork delivered at one of the Kunst In Huis branches in Brussels, Leuven, Ghent or Antwerp. Doesn't get easier than that!

While scrolling through their online catalogue my eye was caught by 'The Sun' by Els Vos, a bright golden canvas as an ode to Seuphor. And although I was particularly very much in love with the 'The Sun' painting I am also giving the biggest yes to almost every other piece on their website. I am so ready to embrace colder rainy days and refresh our interior with a newbie every month. If you're not tempted to order your own collection of wall art upon reading I'd suggest keeping this one in mind as a great gift idea for one of your loved ones this Christmas! A Kunst In Huis giftcard is available for 6 months (89 euros) and 12 months (159 euros). It includes a subscription, six or twelve months of art lending and a omnium insurance.

Met een abonnement kan je onbeperkt kunst leasen. Verknocht geraakt aan een geleend werk? Je kan ook bijna alle kunstwerken aankopen. Kunst in huis heeft filialen in Antwerpen, Gent, Leuven en Brussel. Via de online catalogus op kan je werken reserveren.

Bij Juttu koop je kunstcheques waarmee je een halfjaar (€ 85) of een jaar (€145) abonnement neemt op Kunst in Huis.

Take a look at my other favorites from the Kunst In Huis collection:

 photo Untitled-1_zps5xduwldt.png

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