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You do not have to follow me on instagram to know about my weakness for Falke socks. Those who do follow me on instagram, they also know about the mommy shopping event I hosted at the Falke Antwerp store last Saturday. Together with Falke and fellow blogger mommies Marie and An-Katrien I had the chance to invite a total of fifteen mommies with their friends and kids. We enjoyed a very lovely afternoon with delish bites and spoiled the mommies with a special discount, a nice Falke gift and a new Acqua Colonia scent. It was such a warm and cozy experience.

Now let's talk Falke once more.
Heading into the colder months I can't help myself when it comes to stocking up on new socks. These last few years sparkly socks have gone from things I didn't knew I needed to things I can't live my life without. Yup, one more victim hit by the huge revival of the statement socks over here. And whereas usually I am not your number one biggest fan of glitter and glam, for the last colder seasons I have started loving throwing a bit of metallic at my feet. Shiny socks to me are a sure fire way to elevate your basic denim and T-shirt look. Nowadays an outfit feels pretty straight without a fun pair of Falke sparkles. And even though I have tried several cheaper versions of highstreet labels before, when it comes to the ideal combo of comfort and high-shine finish, I am turning to Falke over and over.  There's something about the luxurious feel and look of their footwear that makes you feel like a fancier version of yourself. Falke has always got your back when in search of that classic not-too-one-of-a-kind look. Every season I find myself falling in love with at least five different pairs of their making and they always make sense in the context of my wardrobe.
Below you will find my favorites, comfortable, flattering and with a subtle statement touch. If by any chance you'd cave on adding one of these to your wardrobe, let me warn you first: chances are you'll want to wear them every day all day.

And without a doubt I have already turned my one year old son into a Falke addict. Guilty as can be!

All socks are available in their flagship stores and on the Falke webshop.

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