Being an iPhone user since forever, I am quite surprised by this story myself. If you're anything like moi, you simply buy an iPhone, stick with the same forever and do not plan on giving any other brand a chance if no one makes the effort of convincing you to make the switch. Your phone is kind of like your whole life; always there, even when everything else fails. And for some reason I thought I'd be more convinced of an expensive phone. As if the cost-per-use had to be at its highest. Even though there are far better more affordable options on the market. Expensive does not always equal better. And hey, I don't mind spending my cash elsewhere.

A few weeks ago I got introduced to the new Motorola motog6. Not only did its design immediately speak to me, the creative features and impressively advanced software made me replace my beloved iPhone in a sec. If I'm happy with that decision? After reading the title of this post I think you might be able to guess the answer yourself. Other than bringing me one step closer to a life that is not filled with several chargers and a daily hunt for wall outlets upon my arrival anyplace anywhere, the motog6 turns out to be my ticket for a second carreer as a professionel photographer. That has quite a lot to do with the 3000 mAh battery and turbopower charger which get you through the day with only a single charge of several minutes. Next to that I have to admit nothing beats the combination of the dual rear cameras with an 8 MP and advanced photo software. The smart camera system learning you everything about the objects and landmarks around you is pretty fun as well. And if by any chance you still think the motog6 isn't groundbreaking enough; it when it comes to improvement on your phone the super fast Qualcomm Snapdragon 1.8 GHz octa-core processor has you convinced in less than a day. With powerful graphics capabilities and 4G speed, video quality and a fast loading time do not fight each other at any time.

The fact that I am already working with a Lenovo laptop for almost a year now and that they synchronize perfectly helps a lot of course also. But even if Android and Windows aren't your vibe, if you're after a new phone the motog6 gets two thumbs up from me. Definitely worth all your euros!

And just in case you might be interested in getting your hands on this stunner for free: keep an eye on my instagram cause I am about to launch a super exciting givveaway very soon.

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