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It is quite an understatement to say that pregnancy and giving birth comes with a lot of hormonal changes. For me, the physical reactions involved a lot of difference in hair volume and texture. I went from nine months with the best hair of my life turning into the worst hair of my life. When pregnant, apparently your increased level of estrogen halts daily sheddin. Which results in thicker hair obviously. 

Unfortunately that process also reverts back... In the first few months after giving birth - it normally peaks at three months after pregnancy - you start noticing that you're shedding more and more hair. It is called postpartum hair loss and is completely normal. However, the clumps of hair coming out in your brush do not make your morning bathroom routines more relax.

I don't think I have to explain how I quickly ended up with an online search on how to 'threat' this and a hunt for a miracle worker that would get me my hair back. There is no cure to prevent the hair loss process but you can give mother nature a so called helping hand by adjusting your daily diet and adding foods high in biotin. Volume-boosting shampoos have turned out to give rather good visible results, but they don't leave natural fulness to your hair. My fine and limp locks were in desperate need of the so called bigger guns. Those bigger guns I found in the Klorane Quinine range.

About four weeks ago the Klorane Quinine shampoo, conditioner and strength fortifying spray have entered my hair routine. Next to that I have started taking the Klorane Quinine Keratincaps supplements every morning. After no more than two weeks and a total of six uses of the products I could already tell noticeable differences; like my hair had sprung back to life, thicker and shinier. Klorane's Quinine range was developed to strenghten your hair with the power of quinine and B vitamins. It restores your hair vitality and supports the hair growth. 

When I first started using the products I wouldn't have expected them to be revitalizing my tired hair so quickly. But oh how happy I am to have taken this road to recovery. Not only have I welcomed
new thickness and manageability, the Klorane Quinine products also provided me noticeable thicker hair, a restored balance and increased volume. My weakened hair definitely feels fortified and the shampoo and conditioner leave my hair softer and softer after every wash.

Though a few months after giving birth it may feel like your healthy hair is long gone, Klorane will definitely bring your hair back to life.

Klorane, shampoo, haircare, quinine, strenghten

Klorane, shampoo, haircare, quinine, strenghten

Klorane, shampoo, haircare, quinine, strenghten

Klorane, shampoo, haircare, quinine, strenghten

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