4711, Eau de Cologne, Remix Cologne,


My wardrobe might still be in need of some new additions, perfume-wise I am ready for hot sunny days and long warm evenings. When it comes to my favorite scents I go through various seasons and phases but there are always a few principles I try to maintain. I prefer an enduring classic fragrance melting in a different interesting scent.

During winter I find myself being drawn to woody fragrances. With summer on my radar I am longing for the smell of the sun. The new 4711 Remix Cologne 2018 edition is the bottled essence of a lovely summer day in the South of France. Misting it on first thing in the morning, waking up with all of its freshness. It's like a beam of sun hitting your skin, everything you'd expect from a bottle looking this classic and yet so fresh. If the color orange had a smell it would be exactly this one. And the best part is it maintains your happy summer mood morning to night. It is long lasting but never overpowering.

The days of endlessly adding different highstreet labels to my wardrobe are long gone. And so goes for my personal beauty collection. I love it when a brand tells a story and comes with an inspiring history. I guess 4711 played a private role in most of our childhoods, recognizing the smell everywhere as if you get hugged by your grandma instantly. 4711 is 100% nostalgic and iconic and still captures the spirit of the early 18th century. On the other hand the brand still succeeds in keeeping things interesting. The 4711 Remix Cologne 2018 edition is a juicy, fresh and loud remix. I am really feeling the contemporary spirit mixed with the characteristic fragrance of richly faceted orange.

It is here to win over those who want a mental fast forward to summer. So if you're on the hunt for a new scent, you definitely need to equip yourself with the newest one by 4711. Do get used to random people sniffing you out and telling you you smell good. Cause this is exaclty what this newbie will deliver.

4711, Eau de Cologne, Remix Cologne,

4711, Eau de Cologne, Remix Cologne,

4711, Eau de Cologne, Remix Cologne,

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