With the new year come new year's resolutions. And although throughout the years I have learned not to head into the year with unrealistic intentions promising myself (and my loved ones) anything I won't be able to achieve, I have grown a yearly habit of resolving to make small yet effective changes in my behavior. January 1st 2018 over here marked an adjustment in my skincare routine.

As you all know I have always had the weakest spot for life changing moisturizers, serums and lotions. And in these last few years I feel like I have already succeeded in improving my skin quite well. For the last five years I haven't touched my bed without removing all my make-up first and three years ago I started using a sonic brush and am now using it at least four times every week. Next to that I also  masque and exfoliate my face two times a week. But there's always room for improvement. What seems to keep being a difficult one for me is to apply a serum before my daily moisturizer. I am not sure what causes my brain to keep forgetting this step. I am well aware of the benefits of applying a serum on a daily basis and so for the new year I wanted to reevaluate my skincare habits and force myself to grab for that extra layer of serum every morning and evening.

Serums are know for boosting your complexion and since brightening the appearance of my skin has always been one of my main goals I am happy to say my new skin care regimen includes daily use of a serum for the last twelve days now. The products that have entered my daily routine almost two weeks ago are Lancôme's Advanced Génifique Serum and Advanced Génifique Sensitive Dual Concentrate, a powerful serum for during the day and a very innovative concentrate to work at night. The serum promises every age and every skin type smoother, refreshed and more radiant skin in only seven days. The concentrate is the serum's brand new little sister and is said to immediately become your night skin saviour.

Both are enriched with the same ferment, bifidobacterius and lactobacillum extract but the concentrate contains additionally extra Vitamin E and Ferulic Acid. The serum is Lancôme's number one cult serum for fighting the first signs of ageing, improving elasticity, firmness, clarity and skin tone and visibly reducing wrinkles and fine lines. The new Advanced Génifique Sensitive Dual Concentrate was recently launched to combat everything that contributes to bad skin, to soothe your skin whenever you feel the need. Its miracle workers are probiotic extracts for strenghtening and recovering your skin radiance during a temporary feeling of sensitivity. Post pregnancy I am still noticing quite some hormonal breakouts and skin fatigue (due to lack of sleep at night) and so I was immediately tempted to put this one to the test for bringing my skin back into balance. Lancôme advises to combine the serum and the concentrate, applying the serum every morning before moisturizing and starting off with the concentrate every night for one month.

After twelve days I am already over the moon with more comfortable, calm and visibly revitalized looking skin. Up till now it seems like my new year's resolution won't turn into another plan that is dashed in the first month already. The benefits have already started showing and let's be honest, there's nothing as motivating as instant results.

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