Philips, Floorcare, PowerPro Aqua, vacuum cleaner, cordless, review

Like probably every mom before me has gone through the nesting instinct has kicked in. I have started reorganizing cabinets, rearranging closets, stacking the baby's drawers, pairing wandered socks, scrubbing the oven, restocking our fridge, moving furniture and decoration around,... like a mad woman. Those who know me well will never mention organization as one of my strongest points. I am quite the laid-back housekeeper but have suddenly turned into a neat freak, making sure everything is in order for the new baby. They say nesting peaks in the third trimester and it is true during the last couple of weeks I am feeling the overwhelming desire to prepare for parenthood, get the home ready for the baby. And this sudden burst of nesting does not only involve deep cleaning the nursery but the entire house.

And with nesting having struck I have grown a new love for good kitchen and home appliances. My most recent cleaning tool crush is this Philips Floorcare PowerPro Aqua. Not only had I been eyeing a cordless vacuum cleaner for quite some time now as we have carpet on our stairs and cleaning those with an old fashioned vacuum cleaner is not exactly the easiest.  My 38 weeks pregnancy holds me back from lifting anything too heavy and the Philips Floorcare PowerPro Aqua is impressively compact and lightweight. It is a vacuum and lift-out handheld dustbuster in one, the easiest to maintain when you want to attack daily mess anywhere and on any surface. After one single charge I 'enjoy' (I can honestly hardly believe I am using this word but pregnancy has messed me up completely :-)) approximately 45 minutes of cleaning. And there's more. As its name already says, the PowerPro Aqua is not only super handy for every day dust but also wipes in just a one stroke thanks to its click-on mopping system with a microfiber pad with water which dissolves dirt and humid stains.

Nope, never thought I'd ever become such a cleaning enthusiast but apparently (approaching) motherhood changes everything ;-)

Philips, Floorcare, PowerPro Aqua, vacuum cleaner, cordless, review

Philips, Floorcare, PowerPro Aqua, vacuum cleaner, cordless, review
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