in my hospital delivery bag

Can't believe there's only two weeks left till due date. And although I'm still not suffering from anything big disconveniencing me - just a few discomforts when trying to get in and out of bed and finding a good position to sleep in - we are getting quite excited about meeting our baby boy for the very first time.

Since it is said I can go into labor at any time now I decided to gather all my essentials and pack our hospital bags ahead of time, a few days ago. Just in case I need to go in unexpectedly.

Take a look at what I'm taking with me.

in my hospital delivery bag
His infant car seat to take him home, decorated by Poetree Kids

in my hospital delivery bag

in my hospital delivery bag
A selection of his super cute accessory collection from Falke and Mayoral
Miffy First Light lamp by Mr. Maria

in my hospital delivery bag

- A super soft cashmere blanket by Théophile & Patachou
- Cashmere dungarees by Mango
- Mies & Co and Théophile & Patachou toys
- Les Reves d'Anaïs pajamas

in my hospital delivery bag

- Baby products by Galenco and Uriage

in my hospital delivery bagEssentials:
- ID, health insurance info and marriage license
- Lenovo tablet to help me relax/pass the time (uploaded with a few Netflix episodes I still want to watch)
- Fujifilm Instax Mini to capture his first moments and visitors
- Jo Malone scented candle (for making the room just a tiny bit more cozy)
- Cell Phone charger
- Coconut water for keeping me moist during labor
- Aden + Anaïs swaddles

in my hospital delivery bag
Toiletries and personal items
- Electronic hairbrush by Babyliss
- Nannic 'Miracle Lips' lip balm and Guerlain Black Bee Honey Balm as hospitals are always so very dry
- Micellar face wash by Bioderma
- Origins Ginzing Energy-Boosting Tinted Moisturizer
- Kérastase Aura Botanica shampoo, conditioner, moisturizing oil mist and nourishing oil blend
- Caudalie spray to fix my face but also to cool me down during labour
- Lancôme Flash Bronzer self tanner - lack of sleep can make me look so pale
- Babor Perfect Glow ampoule concentrates for ultimate moisture and immediate glow
- Babor Lifting Cellular Collagen Booster Cream - my all time favorite for so many reasons
- Alaïa Paris Eau de Parfum Blanche
And of course hairbrush, tooth brush, toothpaste, deodorant, dry shampoo, body wash,...

in my hospital delivery bag

in my hospital delivery bag
- Two sets of pajamas by my all time favorite brand Maison Marcy
- The softest socks by Falke (many of my friends complained about their feet being cold during delivery)
- My new Céline eyeglasses scored at De Wolf Opticiens
- The baby boy's initial to add to my signature VV Minitials necklace
- My favorite and oh so comfortable Tod's loafers

in my hospital delivery bag
The softest cashmere sweater by WYSE

in my hospital delivery bagMy bags are from the Samsonite Lite DLX collection and match our DLX suitcases.

And now I'm curious to find out...
At how many weeks did you have your hospital delivery bag ready?
And as I do hope I haven't left out any essentials, please do let me know in the comments if you notice anything that has slipped my mind.
Did you for example bring anything else to make the environment more personal? Your own pillow and/or blanket?
Sports drinks or glucose snacks for during labour?
Extra bags for bringing all the goodies from the hospital and gifts from visitors home?
Cash for snacks?
A nursing pillow?
Please do tell me! :-)


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