If there's one pair of shoes we can never have enough of it's the white sneaker. Ok, an extra pair of loafers is impossible to resist as well. And mules are always high on our radar... Shoe addict represent!
But white sneakers seem to be the right choice anywhere and anytime. No matter the weather, the occasion or your mood, you can hardly ever seem to go wrong with a pair of white kicks. Except for weddings and important business meetings ofcourse, I'd recommend dressing your feet with something more elegant and classy.

When invited to explore the wide range of online shoes at van Haren, scrolling their numerous collections, I couldn't help but ending up with another selection of six multi versatile  sneakers that instantly caught my eye. If my piggy bank would approve, I'd love to spend a big chunk of cash on these six stunners. And although these are not leaving your wallet with a financial trauma and I'm trying my very best to come up with excuses such as "Comfy never looked so chic", "Will wear them everywhere with anything, all year round" and "These will update even the dullest old dress in my wardrobe" it is is hardly ever justified adding an extra amount of six shoes to your wardrobe, right? :-) 

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