You all kno how much I care about skincare, always on the lookout for new and revolutionary ways on the road to better skin. Not that every newbie makes me instantly break my piggy bank and throw down my cash but when you say improved firmness, tone and texture, I'm all yours. This time I had the pleasure to try out the NEWA skin care system, an at home facial device using radio frequency based technology which brings controlled heat to the lower layers of the skin. In combination with the Lift Activator Gel it stimulates collagen and elastin production and softens fine lines by plumping the skin from within.

My personal areas of concern are my smile lines, wrinkles around my eyes and on my forehead and an overall loss of firmness. Needless to say I was hoping to target these with my new device. And so I started my NEWA test case with enthusiasm, not expecting magical transformations but hoping for a few small but visible improvements. Now, one has to be quite enthusiastic from the start as the first four weeks require some time and dedication to apply it properly every day. For the first four weeks you have to use it five days a week, for four minutes long on each treatment area of your face. As you have to divide your face into six areas that makes a total of 24 minutes of gently circulating the device over your skin day by day. Not exactly your quickest process. Once you have passed these four weeks you can continue with two times a week to keep it up.
So yes, you have to be determined if you really want to upgrade your skin's quality. I must admit I found it quite hard and time consuming to factor it into my day at first but once you get used to your new daily ritual you will easily find the patience to carry on with it. I have the habit to brush my teeth in the mean time or watch an episode of one of my favorite vlogs or shows. I consider it a big plus you can apply it when and where it suits you, not having to stick to an appointment at a salon. And to be honest, after only a few days I began to enjoy my evening facial massage as quite relaxing and therapeutic before going to bed. Using the NEWA skin care system isn't painful or even unpleasant at all. It simply provides a warming sensation and a gentle buzzing vibration which cools immediately afterwards.

And now for the most important part; my idea on the results. Let me start by telling you this device definitely seems to be doing what it claims. Although my wrinkles might not have been reduced by a third just yet, I am quite impressed by the results so far. The treatment offers an immediate smoothing and tightening overall effect on my skin and there are some very noticeable improvements in my skin tone and texture. My cheeks look plumper and my skin looks fresh and radiantly glowing. It does seems to have firmed up after a few weeks and the lines on my forehead have diminished. On top I want to mention the big plus of giving me no bad reaction or breakout whatsoever. I even noticed a wound healing effect on my existing impurities.

Hope I warmed you up for some very rewarding me time at home. Happy Thursday loves!

You can order NEWA online here or at Ici Paris XL.

(My fabulous pajamas are by Maison Marcy ;-))

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