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Hello, it's me, the one who likes to spoil the party whenever temperatures rise and friends and family are getting themselves ready for some serious sunbathing. I am one of those who cannot emphasize the importance of sun protection enough. I have recently relaunched my yearly hunt for the best sunscreen formulas again, the ones that will get me through summer with that perfect subtle glow. Today I've compiled a list of my top products, all lightweight, not too sticky, fast drying, breathable, moisturizing and withstanding the heat.

Lierac Sunissime SOS Repairing Serum Global Anti-Ageing
For repairing your skin and extra activating your tan, end your day with this super beneficial serum with exceptionally soothing effects.

Rituals Hydrating Lotion After Sun
My second n°1 moisturizing lotion for calming and nourishing after sunbathing. The skin absorbs it so quickly and is left nourished and supple the rest of the evening and night.

L'Oréal Professionnel Solar Sublime Advanced Protection Conditioning Spray
Never underestimate the importance of protecting your hair against sun damage. L'Oreal Professionnel's Solar Sublime spray is always with me for protecting the radiance of my hair and treating it with extra nourishment.

Shiseido Sports BB Broad Spectrum SPF 50+
The ultimate transfer-resistant tinted sunscreen. Super lightweight for natural coverage of uneven skin but still stays in place, even when sweating in the heat.

Annayake Ultratime Anti-Pollution Defense Care
The ultimate total skin care protecting your skin from ageing by working as a shield against UV damage, pollution and free radicals.

Lancaster Sun Sports Face Stick Sensitive Areas SPF30
Always with me for protecting the most sensitive areas like lips, ears, nose and eyes. Giving you all the protection you need but without the very annoying white marks.

Lierac Sunissime Energizing Protective Milk Filorga Anti-Ageing SPF30
A protective fluid with full filtering, a super comfortable moisturizing effect and tan-active peptide for even and intense tanning. 

Filorga UV-Bronze Anti-Ageing Sun Fluid SPF50 40ml
A very fluid and non-greasy sunscreen with high sun protection leaving a matte finish. It not only protects against the damages of sun exposure but also fights wrinkles and acts on the dark spots for more even skin tone and tan. 

Collistar Supertanning Dry Oil
Only to use very carefully at the end of your holiday. This Collistar dry oil nourishes and moisturizes with several different oils for fast tanning and silky skin.

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