When being asked on spending the weekend with Mercedes my hesitation wasn't due to what to answer but what type of car to take for a test. I guess driving a brand new Mercedes equals every car fan's dream come true.

Spring has fully arrived over here and it looks like it is here to stay. Needless to say the new Mercedes C-Class convertible immediately made it to my top rank. Color wise, since I've never been a risk taker and grey is always my perfect go-to decisions were easily made. After all, this car is a head-turning one on its own, standing out from the crowd even in the most neutral of tones.

With work commitments I don't have much time to take the day off lately but if I would have the chance I could be found the strolling the streets of Antwerp on a daily basis. The topless Mercedes C-class to me equals the epitome of ladylike polish and so I jumped in and drove off to my favorite city. While admiring the surroundings my brand new car made me feel more than ready to conquer the day ahead. 

Wether you're looking for performance or an attractive appeal the Mercedes C-Class carbiolet well and truly has you covered!

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