Those who've been following me for quite some time now will have definitely caught me carrying around a water bottle or sipping my glass of water behind my desk. I'm known as one of your firmest believers when it comes to drinking a daily amount of water. That has a lot to do with my ever growing hunt for the ultimate healthy glowing skin but also helps me fight my recurring headaches and makes me feel fitter, leaner and healthier and energizes my muscles. Ever since I brought my daily dose of water up to three liters I got easily convinced of how essential it is for my health. As we lose a large amount of water every day water it is definitely a nutrient your body needs. 

Now, in order to get enough fluids I decided to welcome Brita in my life a few years ago. My personal collection of pitchers and bottles has grown so much that today I can always make sure I have my beloved beverage around - behind my desk, on the road, at diner, on the couch and on my nightstand. Brita offers a wide range of water filter systems for cleaner and great tasting water, cutting the taste and odor of chloral, filtering out all impurities and heavy metals such as copper or lead. On top of that, switching from bottled water to filtered water equals less waste of disposable bottles and is therefor much more environment friendly and economical.

The Brita family offers the perfect fir for every occasion and offer a very wide variety of styles and colors suiting your interior. I start my day with their newest Fill&Enjoy Style pitcher (with electronic filter replacement reminder) on my desk, carry a Fill&GO bottle with me on my way to afternoon meetings, put my most fancy gold Marella pitcher on the table at diner time and enjoy the rest of the evening on the couch with the smallest Brita Fill&Enjoy Fun pitcher in my favorite color lilac. Oh, and since I need freshly filtered water at my side, at any time, I have to have one on my nightstand as well, of course ;-) The Fill&Serve carafe looks pretty stylish and makes sure I can have my glass of water in the morning, in order to start every day replenished and fresh. 
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