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As anybody who is trying to run his or her own business can attest, good office supplies are always key. A few months ago I mentioned how together with one of my very best friends I launched my own interior and decorating services. (Read all about it here) And now that we are stepping up our business' game each week, we are trying hard to find balance between our jobs and personal life and are experiencing how efficiency sets the benchmark each day. With JV Styling we stand for creating change and doing it differently. We create magical spaces with attention to details. Interior design is nothing but a static business and so we have to learn and innovate constantly.

So imagine me nodding my head when being asked on trying out the Lenovo Yoga Book. Good machinery? Yes please! More productivity? Yes yes please! Optimum utilization of time and energy? Oh yes yes yes honey!

Leovo, Lifestyle, yoga book, review, sacha shoes, weekend max maraThe Lenovo Yoga Book might just be everything that meets my computer needs. Ever since I started working with it I got more and more convinced I don't need a business laptop no longer. The Yoga Book equals a portable tablet computer, smaller and lighter than the laptops I am used to work with (I use it as a - quite large - tablet) but with excellent performance and the most comfortable use. On top it is so easy to carry around and  it has not only improved the quality of our perspective drawings, it comes in super handy when presenting our sketches to our clients.

Leovo, Lifestyle, yoga book, review, sacha shoes, weekend max mara

That is because the Yoga Book offers both the possibility to draw sketches and jot down notes directly on your screen and on a paper notepad. Yup, it transfers characters and drawings with ink on paper to your digital screen. The integrated digitizer picks them up by electromagnetic response and for me that is probably my very favorite feature. Simply because sometimes I still feel more of drawing on paper than on a glass surface.

If you switch off that feature a halo keyboard pops up, which offers a desktop like typing experience and turns out to be surprisingly accurate. It takes a little time to get used to it but once you are adjusted you won't even notice the fact you are using a 100% digital touch keyboard any longer.

Leovo, Lifestyle, yoga book, review, sacha shoes, weekend max mara

When visiting clients to talk through the ideas we have for their projects I can fold the display partway for presenting notes and sketches.

Leovo, Lifestyle, yoga book, review, sacha shoes, weekend max maraAt night, when meeting up with our big comfy couch, I like to fold the screen back 360 degrees to use it as a tablet. I've welcomed the Lenovo Yoga Book only two weeks ago but it already plays such a vital role in my everyday life. If it fits your budget and suits your taste, I'd recommend this one as being more than a good pick!

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