One of my very favorite ways to spend a day with my loved one is by trying out a new restaurant and enjoying their lunch menu. Whereas I used to prefer late night diners with the hubby, finding the time to relax after a busy working day, these last few years I have learned to enjoy luxurious lunches more. Maybe it has to do with the fact that on workday evenings most of the time we both feel quite exhausted and simply can't find the energy to have a decent conversation. Taking the day off and spending a few hours sipping delicious wine and enjoying the best dishes in town, simply feels more rewarding for us as a couple. A few weeks ago we headed to Brussels for some exceptional wining and dining at La Villa Lorraine. Last year we had an impressive culinary experience at Villa in The Sky, more than 120 metres up in the air (read all about it here).  No need to mention our high expectations when planning our visit to La Villa Loraine but I can honestly tell you, wherever you live this place is so worth the special trip. The unique location, stunning interior decor, high quality wines and original dishes, we are already scheduling our next day off in Brussels!

If you're still looking for a place to celebrate your love for food and for each other next week, I'd recommend taking a look at their special Valentine's Day menu.

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