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January is detox month. I am currently naturally detoxifying my body by adding lots of water, green tea, oats and lemon to my daily diet - all known to be very powerful when it comes to flushing all the trash out of your body - and am in full pampering mode for my skin as I was visibly noticing the damage done during the Holidays. A detox break for my skin equals lots of exfoliation, cleansing and nourishing. For this last part I prefer applying my favorite masks every other day. Given my healthy skin obsession I consider it needless to say I have already put quite an impressive amount of masks to the test. If you're looking for some serious skin revitalizing I'd recommend giving your face and neck a boost with these four star products.

Philosophy Ultimate Miracle Worker Pearl Mask
Philosophy has combined the instant rejuvenation of a mask with the anti-ageing power of a serum. The power of pearls transforms your skin during the night, your wrinkles visibly reduced in the morning.

Starskin Hydrating Bio-Cellulose Second Skin Face Mask
For a dramatically improved complexion there's one mask all dehydrated skin types should immediately invest in. Starkin's Hydrating Bio-Cellulose Second Skin Face Mask is also known as the Red Carpet Ready Mask and sure does what it promises. With coconut juice, brown algae and amino acids it deeply rehydrates for an impressively enhanced complexion.

Babor Repair Cellular Ultimate Repair Mask
My ultimate skin saver whenever my skin is in desperate need of extra nourishing. As its name says it  is a highly concentrated mask repairing the skin by supporting its natural regeneration process, resulting in a more even and regenerated complexion.

Rodial Neck Mask Freeze and Smooth
Cause when your face is starting to lose its firmness your neck probably could probably use some extra tightness as well. The very effective Rodial range (such a big fan of all their products!) contains this neck masks with bio-cellulose technology to help your neck area appear more tightened, lifted, toned, hydrated and smoothed. If you want to erase all signs of aging over there, this mask is your solution!

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