Time flies when... Well actually, I think time always flies. Turns out another half year went by since   I underwent my first Vampire Facial - also know as the PRP 'Platelet Rich Plasma' treatment - at Carpe Clinic. (You can read a full report on it here). And as it is recommended to repeat it every six months I headed back to Antwerp for another super beneficial treatment.

When it comes to my personal hunt for that naturally glowing radiant and fresh skin I am relying on Carpe Clinic's skills for several years now. I've mentioned Carpe Clinic before as my n°1 place to be for when my skin is in need of an extra dose of pampering. By visiting their offices every few months they sure became part of my skincare routine.

In search for luminous skin I started to get intrigued by their innovative skin rejuvenating Vampire Facial about a year ago. Last summer I decided to finally give it a try, forget about the needles to my face and the pictures of Kim Kardashian with her entire face covered in blood and  simply brave the treatment. The result getting far beyond my expectations - a surprisingly more even skin tone, all my acne scars completely healed, plumped up tiny wrinkles, reduced appearance of my pores, fuller face and a healthier complexion - I didn't hesitate on repeating the PRP four weeks ago. 

PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma as you first have a valve of blood drawn from your arm which gets spun in a centrifuge for fifteen minutes in order to separate out the platelet rich plasma from the red blood cells. In the meantime you have a numbing cream applied and afterwards you have the extracted blood injected in your face to stimulate collagen and elastin growth. My two treatments involved injections under the skin at my cheeks, on my chin and under my eyes. Followed by an all over micro-needling to increase the collagen production once more and stimulate the skin to repair itself. 

So did it hurt? As I've written before I would never describe it as a walk in the park but of course miss Kim K added quite some drama. My experience was warm and tickling and jarring at the most sensitive spots - the pricking of the needles around my eyes - but the pain is definitely not unbearable to scream for. And like all treatments I've ever had at Carpe Clinic (read about my Fraxel Laser, chemical peelings and laser hair removal) I was immediately put at ease by their doctors, handing me over a cooling compress every two minutes. All is done so very gently that there's definitely nothing worth having nightmares about.

After the half hour procedure my skin looked red and swollen but luckily nothing like Kim splattered in her own blood. In the next three days my skin felt rough and a bit uncomfortable, as if it looked like I had a sunburn with clustered red spots around my eyes... But all bruising and injuries were very easily covered up with make-up. The results of a Vampire Facial start showing three weeks after and need about three months to fully appear. In these last few weeks I've once more noticed the same benefits as before but this time with visibly more padding underneath my skin and I couldn't be more happy needing much less make-up than before. 

So yes, for an excellent skin complexion I am still recommending Carpe Clinic in Antwerp; they have the exact right answer to every skin related problem. There simply ain't no place that has ever done so much for my skin.

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