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Throwing a spotlight on something quite different today. You may not be used to me sharing my favorite drinks over here but every once in a while I come across a product impressing me that much I have to make an exception. And so today's blogpost is dedicated to my current favorite drink called Tranquini. I've been trying out their three different variations and they honestly got me all so enthusiastic I couldn't resist sharing them with you. 

When you're trying to build your own business and your work takes up at least six days a week, food is fuel. And so are your drinks. A few years ago I decided that if I wanted to keep this active lifestyle I had to make the switch to safer eating (and drinking) and when you'll spot me behind my desk on a regular working day you're very likely to find me sipping from my glass of water. I'm a true firm believer of drinking plenty of water. Not only to keep me well-hydrated but also because a daily dose of three litres helps me fight my recurring headaches and it makes me feel fitter, leaner and healthier. And it's not that I find it hard to get to my optimal amount every day but I do admit drinking nothing but water during the day can sometimes get a bit boring. You can easily imagine I got all enthusiastic when being introduced to Tranquini not so long ago. 

Tranquini 'Positively Relaxed' is an Austrian relaxation drink helping you feeling actively relaxed and positive. It is composed of ingredients all occurring in nature and scientifically proven to reduce stress. That way it helps you dealing with every day challenges by stimulating a positive approach that comes from a relaxed state of mind. Tranquini helps you find your so called 'flow'. 

The most wonderful time of the year may be approaching but winter also means lack of energy. With temperatures getting down my eating and drinking routine is going through some changes and I am adding as many extra vitamins as possible.  Being on the hunt for healthy and clean food or drinks to give me that extra boost I am on the lookout for juices and drinks 24:7. And believe me, this Tranquini Jade with notes of green tea is the best one I have tried to date. It tastes simply delicious and not only balances my thoughts but also helps me finding back my focus. Honestly, if you're ever in need of beating afternoon energy slumps this needs to be the staple in your bag! 

Tranquini, lifestyle, drink, health, beauty, interior
In Belgium Tranquini is available at Colruyt, Carrefour, Albert heijn, Spar, Cora, Ameel, Lekkerland and Makro/Metro. 

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