Meet the most gorgeous piece in our house; this stunning green Vert Saint Laurent marble countertop. When it caught our eye about a year ago it had our heart immediately; we knew we had found our statement marble of choice. Color probably plays the biggest part in the ambiance of our home but for the bathroom we wanted to keep it as simple and relaxing as possible. White keeps your space fresh and inviting and works back perfectly against any other color. And as we were convinced to add a wooden tile to our home spa - there's something quite luxurious about a wooden floor in your bathroom - we decided to create a classic and soothing palette with white, green, wood and a touch of gold.

We wanted to achieve a mix to keep it all interesting and contemporary but still beautiful and on top of all functional, the perfect spot to relax with a glass of wine and a beautifully scented candle at the end of a long day. We decorated the walls around the bath tub with upcycled display boxes which were originally built by my dad over twenty-five years ago to hold all my books in my old bedroom. In the shower we had our subway tiles placed in a herringbone pattern to create subtle movement and decided to use marble leftovers from our countertop for two functional shelves.

Say hello to our maybe a bit too eclectically outfitted bathroom :-) but oh so suiting the overall feel and design of our house.

Happy Sunday sweets!

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