Summer has finally kicked in over here. And with this come sunny Sunday afternoons sipping rosé in the city or chilling by the pool. Now I may not be the best companionship to invite when planning on an afternoon of endless sunbathing. I am one of those who cannot emphasize the importance of sun protection enough. I am aware of the fact that I am constantly monitoring my friends sun exposure time reminding them of the risks of sunburn - trying to convince them to get out of the sun regularly or at least re-applying their sunscreen every hour.

Every year April to August I am relaunching my personal hunt for the best sunscreen formulas to get me through summer with that perfect subtle glow. Today I've compiled a list of my top favorite products, all lightweight, not too sticky, fast drying, breathable, moisturizing and withstanding hot.

And another spotlight on my super cool sunglasses by Dries Van Noten. Because protecting your eyes is at least as vital as protecting your skin. As much as I love the sun I'm also quite scared of the damage that can be done by overexposure to UV rays. I was lucky enough to get the chance to customize my newest sunglasses with a set of Essilor lenses. From their enormously wide range of colors I had to select the exact right tint to match the frame and am now not only enjoying the coolest pair of sunnies but also superior visual performance, extreme clarity and optical comfort. And all of that with an SPF of 50+ for fifty times more protection. 

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