Welcome to my official rug reveal! I've already shared some glimpses of our new custom made rug here and here but as I received questions on our living room decoration quite regularly I decided it was about time to give this stunner a well deserved spotlight on the blog.

Ever since I was introduced to the impressive Didden&CO range of custom made rugs some years ago the idea of adding one to our living room one day became one of my main interior goals. Some dreams do come true cause a few months ago I was lucky enough to head to Brussels to visit the Didden&CO store and pick out my favorite fabric, size, border and finish to create a rug perfectly tailored to our interior. Not the easiest job done as they stock the broadest range of colors and designs possible but with the help of a super friendly sales woman I pretty soon ended up with a total of five favorites to choose from (take a look at them right here).

I had waited to visit Didden&CO till most of the decorating was already done as I wanted to choose something that could tie all of our other choices together. Neutrals were never an option as I am your firmest believer in the strength of a good colour pick; too many neutrals making your room look flat whereas an extra dose of color can add so much personality. (I might just have shared my golden rule for interior decorating over here) So I caved for a very chic green hue, subtle and sophisticated enough to match any other furniture and decoration yet picking up on accents in the rest of our home and setting the tone for our living room perfectly.

As I had to decide on the size of the rug I was a bit scared of making a mistake by going for either too small or too big - both making your room look petite. I had it made a little smaller than our sofa but still big enough so the front legs of our sofa are on it. I find it most important to feel the rug with my feet when getting out of our sofa but still wanted our beautiful Hungarian fir hardwood floor to show.

A new area rug is a major decision. But when done right the result is simply smashing. The right rug can do so much for your space and I cannot get enough of its super soft surface, so lovely to walk on. On top I am super happy with how worry-free it is; we are often running around the house with our (sometimes dirty) shoes on and haven't left any stains whatsoever. If you're planning on buying a new area rug in the near future I'd highly recommend paying a visit to Didden&CO. And when in doubt go for bold, always go for bold! 

Rug by Didden&Co (HERE)
Pillows and blankets via Mastermeubel (HERE)
Coffee tables via Flinders (HERE)

Zara top (similar HERE)
Essentiel pants (similar HERE)
Rochas flats (similar HERE)

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