Sharing a glimpse of our new bedroom and the essentials in my night time skin routine today. As a firm believer in the 'How you end your day is how you'll wake up the next' philosophy I always make the effort to take all makeup off, exfoliate on or two times every week and put on my favorite skin care every night, no matter what time it is. When I was younger I didn't take it so serious though... But I've truly learned that at night your skin is doing its best to repair all daily damage and now it feels as a real shame not to help my skin restore at night. Cause honestly it only takes a few minutes but it does affect that healthy glow so very much.

I am now using a total of four products with which I am noticing waking up to a happier complexion. Whereas Estée Lauders Avanced Night Repair and the Miracle Worker Overnight by Philosophy have been living on my night stand for ages as they are my ultimate favorites for a plumped fresh face in the morning I've only started to put the HydroPeptide and Evocure range to the test since a few months. Being almost blown away by their effectiveness visibly revealing a younger and smoother complexion, the HydroPeptide Perfecting Body Lift and Evocure Body Firming Cream both instantly became part of my nightly routine.

Chanel glasses
Mia Zia dress (HERE)
Flamant sheets (via Swiss Sense)
HydroPeptide Perfecting Body Lift
Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair
Philosophy The Miracle Worker Overnight

The black chair is for sale. Contact me for more info here.

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