Building a house from scratch sure involves a lot of decisions. Apart from our landscape designer - I am lucky enough to have a best friend who is a genius in creating the most beautiful gardens and yards - we didn't hire any professional designer at all. Oh the countless hours we've spent deciding how to divide the rooms, how many windows, what kind of heating,... I think it took about six months till the hubby was dead tired of it. Ironically enough, that was when the fun part started for me; choosing colors, picking out materials,... defining what our house was going to look like on the inside, making it a uniquely home. To me it was the most exciting journey I've ever been on - I so enjoyed every minute of it.

Out of all the rooms and corners in our new house, designing the kitchen was probably one of the most rewarding. We almost instantly agreed on the black marble countertop with the tiniest golden details, complementing both our personalities; Vincent loving all things classic and me having a little love affair with everything eclectic. Another thing we were pretty sure about was an extra large island, big enough to host all of our friends and family hanging out with wines and GT's. For using it as a cosy breakfast corner during weekends we wanted to add comfortable seating and designed a hidden bench. 

Last week we were able to add the cherry on the cake; a pair of custom cushions - a dark grey one for winter and a chique blue version for warmer months. We've custom designed them online via and I'm sure this won't be our last order at all. It is the easiest thing to do and the result is simply smashing. After selecting our type of furniture, the shape we needed, the fabric of our choice and one of the three different filling types I only had to add the dimensions of our kitchen bench. Et voila, only two weeks later my custom cushions arrived at our doorstep. Couldn't be happier!
Tip! Order some samples first; they have the most beautiful fabrics in store for your cushions and pillows, you'll be amazed when receiving them in your mailbox.

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