Interior, Alldock, charger, charging station, kitchen

I am by no means an expert in phones, gadgets or electronics. But I do love keeping my phone and tablet as close as possible. Low batteries can cause real panic and even - I am a bit ashamed to admit - ruin my day. Regardless of the type of bag I choose I am always carrying a portable charger with me. And when entering the house I am almost instantly hooking my phone to the charger.

Now that we have almost finished decorating our new house I went on the lookout for something to replace all ugly and chaotic phone chargers in the house. And so I bumped into Alldock, fulfilling just about all my current wishes; a super stylish charging station with a 4-fold USB hub. Their walnut version is right up my alley and has recently entered our kitchen. From now on we are plugging our phones and tablets in the chic way!

Interior, Alldock, charger, charging station, kitchen
Alldock charging station (HERE)
VV Design Letters mugs via Nordic Living (HERE)
Iittala Vitriini box via Oosterlinck (HERE)
KitchenAid toaster via Oosterlinck (HERE)
Puik-Art salt&pepper set via SterkOnline (HERE)

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