My dearest readers, I am well aware of my prolonged absence. I don't think I have ever been offline for an entire week. We have finally moved into our new house and although the majority of our rooms are not completely setup yet - we are still waiting for our kitchen and bathroom and part of our wood floors - our new place is definitely starting to feel like home.

Making myself at home to me requires a few important key ingredients; the presence of my own bed and wardrobe, a decent internet connection, some accent lightning with chandeliers, wall lamps and pendants and colorful decorating objects. With the absence of these five creating a cozy atmosphere will always equal mission impossible. I've been scrolling the web and ended up at my favorite webshops once more. The hubby already suggested to block Flinders and Designwonen in my browser - as they always keep me tempting to splurge on lightning, furniture and decoration. When taking a look at my current objects of desire, you'll easily notice how that happens...

Zuiver marble table lamp (via Designwonen)
Pols Potten pineapple (via Flinders)
Becquet pillow (via 3Suisses)
Zuiver side table (via Designwonen
Brass wall lamp (via Decennia Design)
&tradition vase (via Flinders)
Gubi marble table (via Flinders
Tom Dixon candle light holder (via Flinders)
Living in Style, Paris (via Flinders

 photo valerie_zpsa45a540f.png

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