Yet another post starting with sincere apologies for the prolonged absence these last few weeks. We have entered the final stage of the building of our new home and with our deadline coming closer and closer, both the final finishes of the construction works and packing all our belongings in our old appartement take quite a lot of time and energy.  
That lack of time seemed like the perfect excuse to convince the hubby to skip an afternoon of strolling the shopping streets looking for new shirts and pants and finally give the online styling and shopping service Outfittery a chance. Outfittery was launched a few years ago, as a refreshing new take on shopping for men, by taking the shopping away from them. 
A few weeks ago I had my mister fill in a list of questions on, the basic ones regarding his age, length, etc and the more personal ones that had him list the features he wants his wardrobe to have. The next morning he got a call from his personal stylist who still had a few extra questions for him, in order to really figure out his personal style. And only a few days later the mailman rang our door with probably the coolest box that ever arrived on our doorstep. 

I may have found the sweetest husband but definitely not the easisest one when it comes to shopping for clothes. The hubby sure knows what he wants and every little detail seems of the utmost importance. So you see I was quite hesitant about how he would react on a series of clothes being sent to him. Luckily the inside of the box could instantly please my hubby's critical eye. Apart from a few somehow risky items - a cotton and linnen scarf and a mid-length trench coat - he tried everything on. Big thing already! Now, if there's one thing clearly consistent in my sweet husband's closet, it must be blue. Baby blue, marine blue, navy blue,... you name it, he grabs for it. So it didn't exactly come as a surprise he picked out two navy blue favorites; a classic round neck knit and a pair of effortless versatile chino trousers. But it sure did surprise me that an online styling service did work for him and had him adding two new pieces to his wardrobe.

Next thing to do he had to simply check the boxes next to the items he wanted to keep, bring the box with the other pieces back to the postal office and send it back for free. Couldn't be easier.

The hubby may not have found his newest favorite outfit but I think Outfittery will sure know his style after a few extra try-outs. I've heard him raving about his newest online discovery to his friends more than once these last few weeks so I guess this one is sure tested and approved!

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