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I hope you've all enjoyed my campaign with Estée Lauder so far. I myself still find it quite weird and uncomfortable to see (and hear!) myself talking in front of the camera but I can't deny I'm more than thrilled with the result. 

Estée Lauder asked me to share my three favorites within their entire range. Not the easiest job done. My love for Estée Lauder is quite big and long lasting and through the years the brand has found its way into both my daily skincare and make-up routine. In the next few weeks I will reveal some of my all time Estée Lauder favorites with you. Today I'm kicking off with the three newest additions to my daily twenty minutes of bathroom pampering. I've already put a spotlight on the new New Dimension range here and these last few weeks I've added the Double Wear To Go to my top favorites. Not only because of its long wear and luminous natural coverage but also because of its super handy and innovative packaging which reveals a pea-size dot of foundation with one simple push. Estée Lauder's Double Wear foundation has been one of my all-time N°1 products since forever but now that they have launched this handy 'on the go' version I have officially met my new ultimate favorite. What's in my bag? Eight hour coverage and all-day illuminated skin! 

Be sure to check out my video to discover just how brilliant the Estée Lauder Double Wear To Go case actually is. 

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