I've got some new things going on in my bathroom. And today I am sharing one of my most important current must-haves with you. The Clinique Massaging Treatment Applicator for their sonic brush had got me all intrigued since the first day I received its press release. As you know I have this small but highly unignorable obsession for healthy skin. And yes, I have found my newest partner in crime in this Clinique miracle worker.

This so called Massaging Treatment is an uplifting applicator to be attached on the Clinique sonic brush so you can use it mornings and evenings to massage in your daily skincare. Now, I am quite your firm believer when it comes to the benefits of facial massages. Ever since I started practicing the seven steps massaging technique recommended with the Eve Lom cleansers I noticed visible differences in the condition of my skin. So when I found out Clinique was launching a tool that excluded using your hands to apply your skincare (even though I wash them before it still feels a bit like rubbing dirt in my pores) and refreshes your skin with a metal surface I got instantly excited.

Two weeks ago I welcomed this newbie into my daily skincare routine and I have been massaging my heart out ever since. In these last few days I have noticed a healthy rosy glow on my skin thanks to better micro-circulation and firmer jawline and a visible relief of wrinkles thanks to less tension of facial muscles. You will NE-VER see me rubbing in any cream E-VER again.

Have a wonderful weekend lovelies!

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