It's been a while since I've shared the newest members of my bathroom shelve with you. Lately I'm having a little love affair with beauty waters and cleansers. Being constantly on the lookout for that perfect moisturized glowing skin I've found some long term friends in these four facial mists and my newly discovered cleansing gel.

Guerlain Refreshing Micellar Solution, Pure Radiance Cleanser
Only love for this one! Guerlain has taken over my morning ritual with their micellar cleansing water. It removes make-up very effectively but I prefer using it after waking up to take away all traces of night cream and freshen up my skin to start the day with healthy radiance.

MAC Cosmetics Mineralized Charged Water, Revitalizing Energy
One that I find myself grabbing for both mornings and evenings. And even for finishing up my make-up. It moisturizes and reenergizes my skin and makes it feel surprisingly more supple. On the plus, it adds a subtle dose of shine to your face - which comes in very handy after a few hours spent in an air-conditioned room.

Youth Lab Daily Cleanser
When it comes to taking off my make-up at night this paraben free daily cleanser by Youth Lab is my weapon of choice. Goodbye impurities, hello brightness!

Guerlain Beauté des Yeux, Lash-protecting Biphase Pure Radiance Cleanser
My eye-make-up goes off with the brand new Guerlain biphase oil for sensitive eyes. It is said to protect your lashes and even improve their beauty day by day...

Kenzoki Fresh Lotus Water
The one I've been carrying around all summer, the ultimate must-have to freshen up your skin on a hot day. And although summer has left us already I'm still misting my lotus water on a daily basis, not only to wake up my skin in the morning but also because I notice my skin feeling impressively more soothed afterwards.

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