Sundays, especially the 'raining cats and dogs'-ones, are for guilty pleasures. And today is definitely one of those! Inspired by the Girls With Gluten hype I considered it to be okay to hop off the healthy wagon for a sec and share today's guilty pleasures with you.

Also, because I have a new buddy in the kitchen. Literally that is. I'm cooking with Buddy Valastro today. I've been hooked on his Cake Boss shows on TLC Vlaanderen and now that I noticed The Next Great Baker appearing on my screen a few weeks ago I thought it was about time I got my hands on one of his cookbooks. And so I welcomed 'Cooking Italian with the Cake Boss' on our bookshelf.

And although I still love my daily beetroot, quinoa and bee pollen, I am also very much enjoying this not so healthy food from time to time. I feel that when I part ways with it for a few weeks I get to appreciate it lots and lots more. My guilty pleasures of choice are always Italian and I prefer them homemade as it gives you the chance to reduce the amount of olive oil and add some fresh vegetables and fruits. Today I chose Buddy's calamari rings with lemon and homemade garlic mayonnaise, his delish pizza with prosciutto di parma, tomatoes and rocket salad - I skipped the tomato sauce as I prefer my pizza 'bianca' - and his legendary cheesecake.

Consider it already eaten! :-)

So, what are your Sunday treats?

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