Since last week sales are upon us here in Belgium. And although I still enjoy snagging a good score I've learned not to throw myself on random discounted price tags any longer. These last few years I choose to invest in one or two expensive but timeless pieces rather than filling up my closet with a huge pile of clothes and accessories I simply couldn't resist because they were on clearance and the price felt cheap at the moment. This morning I had my bargain hunt in the comfort of my own home - on the worldwide web, where sales have already kicked off a few weeks ago. Now I might have missed a few pieces that have sold out fast but I really wanted to have patience for those extra discounts to arrive; the longer you wait, the better deal to score. I stopped focussing on saving money on that one bag I had been coveting for months and started to scroll the sales armed with a list of general must haves still missing in my closet. Making a list and stick to it is probably my best tip for successful sale shopping, returning home with smart clearance buys. Other than that I'd also suggest to try and see the item you are eyeing in at least two different outfits. If you can't think of two different looks in the first five minutes, I'd say you don't have to make the purchase. Today I'm sharing my personal must haves with you, eight discounted items I think we should all invest in. From a smart tuxedo blazer by Maje, a super comfy pair of jeans by Frame Denim, to a super versatile pair of New Balance sneakers, these basics are everything but a waste of money.

Maje blazer €290 50% off   €145 (HERE)
Frame Denim jeans 312  50% off   156 (HERE)
Saint Laurent bag 1950  35% off   1228 (HERE)
Joseph shirt 195  30% off   136 (HERE)
CA&LOU cuff earrings 250 40% off   150 (HERE)
La Perla bra 156 40% off  93 (HERE)
New Balance sneakers €109,99 30% off   €79,99 (HERE)
Prism sunglasses 306 30% off   214 (HERE)

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