Happy me. Happy feet - again. To be honest, my feet weren't too happy these last few months. In fact, one of them got injured last summer after I dropped something on it. I'm not going to share all the details with you but let's just say my toenail suffered from severe damage causing it to lift from the nail bed. Six months later eventually it came off. And although a silver of healthy nail was already showing I was afraid I could never wear sandals again. Not to be too much of a drama queen ;-) but I could not believe the new one would look the same. Ever. Now you might have noticed my weakness for a good pair of sandals so it will not surprise you I was kind of struggling by that idea. That is how my personal hunt for that one person who could guarantee me a set of sandal proof feet by the first sunny days of spring begun. And with every podiatrist I visited I got more and more convinced there was not much more to do than have lots and lots of patience - did you know it can take up to 18 months for a toenail to grow back? - and hope for the best results. That was before I ended up at Podicare a few months ago, the one place where they assured me I could stop worrying immediately.

Now this may not be the most glamourous story I've ever shared with you. But I simply cannot not tell you about it, as the results of my treatments showed such surprising improvements. up till a few weeks ago I've had a total of four very effective nail laser treatments. Yup, nail laser treatments. That is because an injured nail gets easily infected. And once a nail is infected it will start to suffer from wavy ridges. The lovely Lieve from Podicare assured me the nail would quickly smooth up again and if you'd seen what it looked like before you would have found it hard to believe as well. But my nail is growing back clearer than ever and I am doing bare foot happy dances 24:7.

If you'll ever suffer from a likewise problem I'd suggest you skip my six months hunt for the right solution and go straight to the laser treatment at Podicare. And don't be afraid it will be painful or inconvenient. From the moment you feel the heat on your nail the podiatrist turns the laser light off and your session is finished. Simple as that.

The so called Foxlaser treatment is exclusively available at Podicare, located in Mortsel, near Antwerp.
You can make an appointment online or by phone.

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