I may not be that keen on the so called life changing gadgets but when one promises to prevent wrinkles, eye puffiness and tangled hair simply by replacing your usual pillow by a new one, resistance for me is futile. A few months ago I caved for The Wrinkle Prevention Pillow and as I am sharing this newbie with you over here you can already guess I haven't exactly regretted this try-out. The last few months haven't exactly been filled with much relaxation and with most nights being less than six hours in length covering up my baggy eyes and dark circles in the morning had become quite the challenge. But then very luckily The Wrinkle Prevention Pillow came to the rescue. Did you know sleeping on your face is the third leading cause of permanent sleep lines and wrinkles? Sleeping while lying flat is a major cause of eye puffiness? Sleeping on your side causes chest wrinkles? Sleeping with your face touching the pillow removes the products that should be rejuvenating your skin while you sleep? And sleeping on a cotton pillowcase can cause the hair to tangle and break? I have to admit I was a bit sceptic at the start but after three nights I was already used to sleeping on the edge of the C curve and when morning after morning I noticed I wasn't looking at the usual scrunched face in the mirror anymore and the eye puffiness had been visibly reduced I was rather instantly convinced. Definitely worth the try!

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  1. I don't doubt this one bit! I've been really trying to sleep on my back lately.