Chances are you noticed some difference in my hair. Chances are you haven't. One thing's for sure; I have! For the past five weeks I've been washing and nourishing my hair with the new L'Oréal Elsève Fibralogy range, the one that promises thicker hair by expanding the diameter of the hair fiber. "Full hair and full confidence", those are Blake Lively's words in the campaign. And if there's one girl whose   hair we all crave it is hers! 
So, when asked to try out this new and very promising hair care family I didn't exactly hesitate. I already told you how I'm not one of those blessed girls with instant healthy glow on the face and bouncing oomph in the hair. So whenever I see chances to improve the density I take them right away. I grabbed this one with both hands and prepared to say goodbye to dull hair for once and for all. 
Let me start by mentioning the beautiful feminine floral scent of both the shampoo, conditioner, mask and matching thickness booster and serum, one that gives you the instant 'right back from the hairdresser'-feeling and leaves a subtle hint for the rest of the day; a so called cherry on the cake next to the surprising results I noticed in the texture of my hair. After only one week (approximately three to four uses) the difference in fulness was starting to get more and more visible and so my enthusiasm for this new range was starting to grow evenly. And while I loved how the shampoo, conditioner and mask improved the overall appearance my hair I did feel like the double serum - consisting of a thickening gel and a perfecting serum for extra shine - made my hair a bit too smooth for me and it also had it weighing down a bit. The thickness booster on the other hand - containing the highest Filloxane concentration of the product line - is one I would recommend to any of you looking for extra bouncy and luscious hair. The L'Oréal Elsève Fibralogy range is available with all prices under 8 euros and even though my hair doesn't look like Blake's I am already addicted to its current feel and freshness. Worth the investment for sure!

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