Have been counting down the days till I could finally welcome this one in my bathroom. Clarisonic was launched in Belgium on the 1st of September and I was one of the lucky girls able to try and test the Clarisonic Mia 2 already since the 1st of July. We're more than two months later now and I just HAVE TO share my experiences with you.

In brief for those who have never heard of Clarisonic: this is a whole new chapter in your daily cleansing routine. Clarisonic offers facial sonic cleansing brushes for a healthy skin care ritual. With more than 300 movements per second the Mia 2 cleanses the skin deeply for smoother and more radiant skin.

And what are my thoughts?
To be honest I wasn't expecting any results in the first weeks. I read about better looking skin after months of sonic cleansing and so I only hoped for the best by the end of Summer. But sometimes you get blown away by something... Only on the first day I knew I had joined the Clarisonic fan club. The immediate results were simply too awesome. 
After a few weeks I had to deal with the - only - downside: the panicking of the skin. Since your skin experiences deeper cleansing than ever it may go through oily phases with breakouts and redness, the so called 'purging period'. I got the whole package but since I was more or less expecting it I decided to go through.  And today I consider the Clarisonic to be a true life changer. My skin has never looked plumper, brighter, fresher, younger and softer to the touch with less visible pores and more even skin tone. On the plus my skin care absorbs much better than before I started using the sonic brush. 

No, there is no sponsoring involved, I haven't promised anyone or anything to call this one a wonder product. As I told you before, I just HAVE TO share my thoughts on the Clarisonic with you since I never experienced this kind of improvements on my skin. 

The Clarisonic Mia 2 has a price tag of 149 euros but I'm 100% sure this is the best beauty investment a girl can ever make!


  1. Deze wil ik ook nog echt een keer aanschaffen.
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  4. Wow !! I'd love to try this !!